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Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued his fifty-fifth Executive Order during this state of emergency.  Executive Order 202.54, dated July 31, 2020, continues the suspensions and modifications of law, and any directives, not superseded by a subsequent directive, made by Executive Orders 202.36 (found here) and 202.37 (found here), as extended and Executive Orders 202.46 (found here) and Executive Order 202.47 (found here) for another thirty days through August 29, 2020 except certain provisions set forth below.  Executive Order 202.54 also contains a directive designed to address matters related to the COVID-19 crisis.  Executive Order 202.54 is effective from July 30, 2020 through August 29, 2020.   A copy of Executive Order 202.54 can be found here.


Executive Order 202.54 discontinues the suspension and modification of certain laws, codes and regulations that had occurred in previously issued Executive Orders.  Pursuant to Executive Order 202.54, the following directive and certain statutes, codes and regulations are no longer suspend and are now in full force and effect:

  • The directive contained in Executive Order 202.47 that allowed any person eligible to attend and vote at any party caucus, party meeting, or party convention held pursuant to the Election Law in the year two thousand twenty to hold up to ten proxies, is hereby amended to provide that any party committee rule in place prior to the issuance of this order that authorized more than ten proxies shall continue in full force and effect;
  • The suspensions of New York Education Law sections 2022, 2007, 1608, 1716, 2018-a, and 2018-b, which were necessary to allow school budget revotes to occur on July 28, are no longer suspended; and
  • Any extension of the period for paying property taxes without interest or penalties pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 925-a is no longer in effect.

Executive Order 202.54 does, however, retroactively extend by twenty-one days the period for paying without interest or penalty the property taxes that were due by July 1, 2020, in the Village of Atlantic Beach, Nassau County.

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