Good morning,

This weekend has certainly been a busy one.  Friday night, I alerted you that New York State’s guidance for essential businesses had been modified to permit private operators of golf courses to let individuals have access to such courses under certain conditions.  As of Friday night, however, use of marinas and boat launches for recreational vessels continued to be considered non-essential, and thus subject to the 100% workforce reduction and closure.

Saturday afternoon, the Empire State Development Corporation issued a further update to its guidance for determining whether a business enterprise is subject to a workforce reduction under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Orders.  ESD specifically revised its guidance to substantially alter its position of marinas and boat launches.  This guidance is aligned with policies that Connecticut and New Jersey have issued with respect to marinas and boat use.  New York’s guidance now expressly includes as an essential business:

  • Marinas, boatyards, and recreational marine manufacturers, for ongoing marina operations and boat repair/maintenance, where such facilities adhere to strict social distancing and sanitization protocols. Use of such sites for the purposes of personal use or operation of boats or other watercraft is permissible, provided that no establishment offer chartered watercraft services or rentals. Restaurant activity at such sites are limited to take-out or delivery only

Accordingly, individuals can now use a marina and boatyard for personal use or operation of boats and other types of watercraft.  These establishments are permitted to have employees on site to run operations or conduct boat repair or maintenance subject to the social distancing and sanitization rules.  This essential business designation, however, is not limitless.  Boat rentals and charters are not permitted and any food service at the locations is limited to take-out or delivery.  At the very least, however, boat owners now can enjoy the use of their watercraft during the spring and summer.

Long Point Advisors remains vigilant during this crisis, working continuously to ensure that you are protected in these uncertain times.  As always, Long Point Advisors is a steady conduit to New York government officials, both state and local, on matters that are crucial to your business.  A copy of this alert and all previous alerts can be found on my website at  Again, if you wish to be removed from my e-mail list, please let me know.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe.  And to those who boat – enjoy your time on the water…and stay safe.